Treadmill Desks: What It Can Do For You

desktop treadmills

Let me ask you something. What does a computer, television, tablets, and Xbox have in common? It projects images? Yes, but no. Provides entertainment? Close, but no. Forces you to sit down? Ding ding ding! Exactly! And you already know that sitting is the new smoking.

The Dangers of Sitting

Yes, that’s right. Sitting is the new smoking. In fact, sedentary lifestyle has been ranked as today’s 4th biggest killer. If you’re working at an office then you’re no stranger to the long hours of sitting in front of your computer finishing up tasks one after the other.

You’ve also been complaining about back pain which wouldn’t go away even when you’ve subjected yourself to massages and regular exercise. But this isn’t the answer. Exercise doesn’t equal physical activity. The former is just a sub-category of the latter.

Physical activity, according to the World Health Organization, is the incorporation of exercise and other bodily movement that are done as a part of playing, working, active transportation, household chores, and recreational activities.

Walk it Off

It’s no wonder that companies have been integrating treadmill desks into their workforce. But we’re not here to talk about which treadmill desks are best; we’ll leave that out to your personal preference. We’re here to discuss the same goal that treadmill desks accomplish: get you to start walking.

So what exactly does walking benefit you? The obvious answer is it helps with circulation and promotes movement during work. But did you also know that walking boosts your creativity by up to 60 percent?

Yes, indeed. The researchers at Stanford conducted four different studies involving 176 college participants. Three of the four experiments were focused on Divergent Thinking, which is the thought process of coming up with as many creative solutions to a problem as possible. The researchers deemed an answer novel if the answer given hasn’t been offered by any participant in the group. Researchers also gauged the appropriateness of the answer. For instance, a tire isn’t considered an appropriate answer if worn as a pinkie ring.

The result of the experiment was astounding.

Of the participants that were subjected to walking, 100 percent has given a novel response compare to those who were sitting. Perhaps this is the reason why the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, conducted meetings during walks.

Sharper Mind

There are also studies showing that walking sharpens your memory as oppose to sitting down. The study involved nine students which were asked to spend forty minutes reading text and emails in front of a computer while they walked on the treadmill desk for 2.25 km/h.

Ten minutes later, the researchers tested the students’ memory on what they’ve read earlier. Compared to those who were seated, the treadmill group performed a far higher standard of memory retention.

So not only does walking decreases your risk of developing diseases associated with sitting down, it also has benefits for the mind, not to mention it has the possibility of boosting your productivity during work.

You might be asking, “This is a gadget blog, why are we talking about walking and its benefits.” Well, because we feel that it’s our responsibility to offer some awareness from time to time to our readers. After all, it’s these gadgets in the first place that encourages us to sit down for prolong periods of time.

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