Gadget Review – The Gadgets You Must Try Out In 2017

Something For You

Orah 4i

This petite camera is everything you have ever imagined and more! Orah is primarily a VR camera which is perfect for live streaming. But not just any old type of live streaming, but to be more precise, it is used for streaming content with 360 degrees! Wait, it gets even better – it has a 4K resolution! So, this is one powerful gadget you must think to yourself – and you are right. This baby has four lenses and four microphones, and in addition to offering a 4K resolution, it is easy to understand its name. It also comes with the stitching software which is integrated and the whole gadget works at the rate of 30fps in real time! It sounds quite astounding for such a small device, and I know what I am getting myself for Christmas!

Something For Your Home


The Gadgets bullguardThe ideas of having a smart home are not anything new, and using smart devices for securing your home is also not a complete novelty. Still, you haven’t seen anything like BullGuard quite yet! Made in the second Dojo Labs, it is a powerful gadget which will help you protect the house network and protect it from cyber-attacks. It is shaped like a pebble, and it is a great way to prevent a security breach.

Something For Your Pet!


This amazing device is probably the best one yet on our list! The greatest gadget of all times is celebrating the love for pets and making us stay on top so that no pup is ever lost from its owner ever again! Namely, the link is a wearable pet gadget which is easily placed on the collar of a pet and connected with your smartphone app. The gadget will then keep you informed about the location of your pet, and you will be able to trace your pets in case, hey get lost. In addition to the GPS system, which clearly has its benefits, Link gadget can also be used to find out whether your dog is hot or cold or needs more exercise. It also tracks down appointments with the vet and keeps a record of your animal’s health. Perhaps the coolest feature of this gadget is the fact that you can take pictures with its camera and make snaps of your adventures with your pet.

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