Rechargeable Gaming Mouse from Logitech

wireless-gaming-mouse1Gamers are serious when it comes to the equipment that they use when playing. Whether they are playing games on their different systems or on their computers, it is important to have the best equipment available. For gaming on the computer it is important to have the best computer and mouse available. Thanks to Logitech, gamers can have a mouse that offers precision.

The Logitech G700 has been designed for both comfort and precision. This mouse features 13 buttons that have been sculpted into the mouse. The great thing about these buttons is that they can be identified by touch, giving the gamer the ability to use all of the buttons while focusing on the game itself. The 13 buttons can also be programmed to either perform single actions or complex macros. This allows them to be set to how you want your mouse to work. Logitech has made this mouse to be shaped to fit your hand, allowing for extended game play without pain. The Logitech G700 can perform 1000 reports per minute and comes with a quick connect cable for gaming while the mouse’s battery is low.

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