Tech Product News – How Cyanogen Decided To Leave Android Alive

In case you have been living under a tech rock in the recent months, you may not have heard of Cyanogen, but to understand the complete story, let us start from the beginning anyway.

What Is Cyanogen?

So Cyanogen is this ambitious startup, which had one goal in life and that is to become a better version of Android. However, then as a complete surplice, its staff was laid off, the CEO and co-founder said goodbye to each other, and the services are expected to shut down on December 31. The reason for this course of events could be better understood if we were to explain what happened here.

Why Did Cyanogen Spare Google?

So, even though Cyanogen had the ambition to destroy Google, in the recent time it seems like it is the one which is being destroyed and will either have to accommodate its services and learn how to live in a Google-dominated world, or just leave the stage.

What’s Cyanogen’s Approach

It marks the end of Cyanogen ambition, but since their company intends to take a different approach, we can still expect a few surprises from them. However, the main reason behind their failure is not to be searched in their unreasonably confident ambition, but rather in the fact that it offered no collaboration with existing sets which are already used such as Android and Google services and expected the consumers to use their alternatives only.

OnePlus As A Trusty Partner

Even though OnePlus was the largest partner and supported Cyanogen, the relationship ended on a bitter note, and Cyanogen was left to its own devices to work out how they can provide OS services which will work with Android builds as well as use Google provides.

Where Do They Get Their Funds From?

Also, a large quantity of money has been raised to achieve success. They did not have troubles finding investors which include Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark. However, what they did lack in the past was the willingness to collaborate if not to conform. The new partnership they hope to achieve will have to offer smartphone manufacturers greater freedom which will allow them to create new systems or use the existing ones. Even though money is not an issue, it seems like a lack of forethought might be. In the future, continue developing more and speak less, please!

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