Hololens: Thinning the Line Between Virtual and Reality

hololensWe’re now living in a technological age where the line separating fiction from reality is getting thinner each year. Discoveries are made, new innovations are being introduced, and breakthroughs are becoming frequent.
One device that has made a big buzz in the tech world recently is Microsoft’s upcoming Hololens.


Straight out a science fiction novel, Hololens is a headset device that can project 3D images as you wear it. No, not like a hologram, more like augmented or mixed reality. Yes, Microsoft has had a similar project before. Everyone remembers Kinect and how it didn’t live up to the hype behind it.

Hololens, however, is more than promising. The device was launch along with Microsoft’s new operating system, Microsoft 10, during which several people got to try the headset first hand. And they were impressed. Even those who had lower expectation from it were genuinely interested in the product.

But what exactly can Hololens offer?

What are the things that the tech community is looking forward to from this device?

First, since it projects 3D images the bar of movie experiences has been raise higher than ever. You’d be transported directly into the movie you’re watching as if you’re actually there. Pretty cool.

And it gets even cooler. By using the Hololens, NASA scientists can now project a 3D environment of mars enabling them to look closely at rocks and sedimentary formation that wouldn’t have been possible without the device.

Hololens also allows you to make 3D models and designs for projects that you might be working on. Say you’re currently building a model for a new car. With the technology that Hololens brings you can alter shapes, color, add new elements – all with just simple hand movements.

Some, if not most, gamers are itching to try their hand on this device. Similar to the movie experience, playing video games is now more enjoyable too. Whether it’s first-person shooter or an RPG game, Hololens is capable of immersing you in your gaming experience like never before.

Furthermore, Hololens will have a game called HoloStudio which is similar to Minecraft. It allows players to knock holes on real-world objects revealing digital environment behind it.

All of this is available in a 720 to 1080 resolution. The sound quality is just as impressive as it can deliver surround audible feedback.

Cost and release

While Microsoft hasn’t released an exact price on Hololens yet but it’s estimated that it will cost at around $500 according to Venture Capital Post. Spicework, however, assessed it to be between $600 and $1200.

Microsoft intends this device to be a part of everyone’s daily lives so it’s fair to say that they’ll likely price it at a more reasonable mark since if they don’t then it may have a tough start.

There are also varying reports when the release date would be. Some say it would be release in April or July, while others say it will be available in December this year. It’s still anyone’s guess.

Who knows how this new device will affect the tech industry and the whole world. Maybe someday we’ll be walking around with this headset on interacting with each other in ways we couldn’t have predicted a decade ago.

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