Since I am an engineer by profession and new technology is my interest, I’ve decided to start this blog. I may usually feature new tech products that I will test and review for everyone.

Tech products do not just come around during CES. This website lets you catch up with the latest gadgets and trends. Every so often we will give our own opinions of the effects or directions these products might be pushing, but we do stay within our comfort zone. These tech product reviews are for everyone. We want the regular internet user to understand what we are saying, and for them to realize what the products can and cannot do.

We will also go as far as we can to test these products and come up with an unbiased discussion of what makes it work, who should use it, and why you should buy it or not. Above all, we want to have fun on this website. Product reviews do not need to be dry discussions. These are not all hard technical products, some are really just geek toys, and items people want to nerd out on.

We are a group of tech industry people who know gadgets, what these are for and their avowed purpose. Tech products do not spring up out of nowhere. The creative and development process takes inspiration from earlier designs and machines. Products are either evolutionary or revolutionary, and we take pains to explain what they are, why they exist, and why they should succeed, as well as explain what we deem are failures right out of the gate.

Our contact page is always open to address any concern.