A Biker’s Companion: Garmin Edge 510 Speedometer

Garmin Edge SpeedometerA speedometer is a tool that shows the speed of a vehicle, and is most of the time, combined with an odometer that records the distance trekked.

One of the raved speedometers by mountain and road bikers is the Garmin Edge 510. This cycling GPS computer is an upgrade of the previous Garmin Edge 500. Edge 510 speedometer is a touchscreen device designed for cyclists who are after accurate and comprehensive ride data. The unit has three buttons—power, lap- interval, and the start/pause button. The screen is a resistive one, and mounting options include an out-front mount for heads up positioning and a standard quarter-turn mount. It is waterproof and shock-resistant and the battery lasts up to 20 hours.

In terms of connectivity, the Edge 510 is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites, making it suitable for the most challenging rides. It also offers relevant features using smartphones and the mobile app- Garmin Connect™. Through these, Edge traces your ride data and sends it to your phone using Bluetooth; you can also share the data with your relatives and friends via social media. Through this app, live tracking is made possible.

Also, one of the notable parts of Edge 510 is its inclusion of segments. Through this feature, cyclists can turn every ride into a race by allowing a competition segment via Garmin Connect Mobile™. Cyclists can get a full view of the results, including certain alerts for the segment start/finish and ranking.

Weather forecasts can also be determined ahead of time by this integrated mobile app which sends alerts and weather conditions. Through this, safe cycling can be observed.

Edge 510 goes even further with the accurate tracking of distance, speed metrics, grade, uphill/ downhill, countdown time, fat burn measurement, time of ride, and many more. It has an ANT+ compatible sensor that tracks your heart rate, speed and power.

It also works efficiently with the Vector™ power meter which gauges the effort applied in every pedal stroke- allowing the cyclist to better understand his/her specific way of biking.

The Garmin Edge 510 is also integrated with Shimano Di2 shifting systems. This integration results to additional efficiency, intuitive shifting control (for single or multi-shift modes), and custom programmed Di2 program software. More likely, the cyclist would want to plug-in the sequence to Synchronized mode. Thus, Shimano Di2 offers two pre-programmed shift methods. By this advancement, Garmin Edge 510 speedo appears even more competent.

Overall, the running and cycling features of Edge 510 includes the following (but are not limited to):
• Heart rate monitor
• Virtual Partner
• Courses
• Weather forecasts
• Time/ distance alert
• Auto Pause
• Auto Lap
• Auto Scroll
• Personalized screen(s)
• Power-meter compatible
• Waterproof
• Shock- resistant
• Battery life
• Advanced workouts
• Mobile app
• Shimano Di2 integration
• Heart-rate based calorie calculation
• Segments
• Interval training

The only downside of this product is its inability to support in-ride maps, making it hard for few cyclists who ride in accustomed places to have a turn by turn navigation.

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